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Site Update

por AL Rachels -

I hope everyone is enjoying the latest version of MooTyper, without any problems. At least none have been reported to me yet. LOL and knock on wood!

I have been doing a lot of development here at the sample website for MooTyper. I am in the process of hopefully being able to move it to a dedicated server instead of it's shared hosting location. Should make the site more responsive and not so s..l....o.....w.

The biggest change that is readily noticeable is getting rid of the long scroll page that you normally see when you visit the site. I have converted to continent based categories with country courses which make the front page more compact. This has pointed out to me places I have neglected trying to develop keyboard layouts for.

As part of this process I had to split up the former English and Portuguese courses. As part of the new, England, course, I have created a new layout, EnglishWKeypad(UKV6) that gets used in that new course. Makes it handy to do lessons and exercises that focus on using the number keypad for input. I will do the same in the new Portugal and Brazil courses, when I have time.

A partial reason for doing this is that I do sometimes have individuals who are interested in using MooTyper, on their own initiative but do not have access at any location they have access too.

As usual, please let me know if you have any problems or would like a new feature, and I will see what I can do.

Upgrade site

por AL Rachels -

Had to jump through hoops to do it, but I've managed to upgrade the database so that I am now able to run Moodle 4.2. Will try Moodle 4.3 after I check and cleanup a few other things.


por AL Rachels -

I have been making a number of important upgrades to this site. One of the most notable is the removal of the old assignment v2.2 as it has to be gone, for the next possible Moodle upgrade.

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