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MooTyper 3.5.1 is available

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MooTyper 3.5.1 is available
by AL Rachels - Monday, May 14, 2018, 8:44 PM

Just upgraded the MooTyper on this site to version 3.5.1. It will be available for down load from Moodle by the end of the day.

There are a number of minor bug fixes in this version, as well as three major changes.

Probably the  most noticeable change, is on the status bar in the WPM section. You will now see two calculations. On the left is the GWPM, (Gross Words Per Minute), and on the right is NWPM, (Net Words Per Minute). At the end of an exercise, when a student clicks Continue, ONLY the NWPM gets saved.

The change that will have the most impact in the use of MooTyper, is a new, Practice, mode. The mode is selected by the teacher at the time of setup, just as they would for Lesson or Exam mode. Once a mode is set and saved, just like the other two modes, it cannot be changed. During use, the word, Practice, will be included as part of the exercise name that you normally see right above the status bar.

When, Practice mode, is used, after completing one, more, or all exercises, in a lesson, a student can go to, View my grades, and will be able to remove any grade. Let us say the student has finished four exercises in a lesson containing six exercises, and they want to redo the second lesson. They must also remove three and four, as well as two. If they remove only the second lesson, they would be given exercise number five next, instead of two.