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Diary v3.3.1 upgrade

Diary v3.3.1 upgrade

by AL Rachels -
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Just upgraded to Diary v3.3.1 which includes some new code to print various versions of word and character counts on each entry. These appear on the view.php, report.php and reportsingle.php pages.

There are three versions of the counts:

  1. The first, raw text just makes the calculations based on what it finds in the mdl_diary_entries table, in the text field. Depending on the user and what was typed, this can include a LOT of formatting and tags.
  2. Second is clean text. The contents of the text field is stripped of tags, HTML special characters and also trimmed.
  3. Third is what I call standardized text. It is generally accepted in typing programs, to calculate the words per minute rate based on every 5 characters typed, and that is what is displayed.
This code for this, is subject to change, as needed.