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MooTyper 3.6.1 released and installed here

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MooTyper 3.6.1 released and installed here
by AL Rachels - Monday, May 20, 2019, 5:34 PM

The new MooTyper was released yesterday, and is now installed and in use on this site.

As usual, there are a lot of changes in this version, some of which are readily visible, and many "under the hood" where they enhance the program, but just are not visible to the normal user.

Some of the changes and updates:

  • Added a Mode default setting.
  • Added some more changes to Exercise editing and creation which continue to improve the ease of use when making changes to an existing Lessons set of exercises.
  • Added more version 5 layouts that highlight only the one shift key that should be used, instead of both.
  • Added a new EnglishWKeypad(USV6). This new layout includes a number keypad which means it is not suitable for narrower monitors. This means it probably will work best with the Boost theme with the admin blocks turned off. If the layout looks scrambled, making the window wider should fix it.
  • Added a new numberKeypadOnly(V1) that consists of only the number key pad for practicing keying in numbers.