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Upgrade to Diary 2.1.1

Upgrade to Diary 2.1.1

by AL Rachels -
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Just upgraded to the new Diary v2.1.0 v2.1.1 that includes a couple of new items.

  1. On the report.php page, the teacher has two new tools, Sort ascending, and Sort descending. They are implemented as a user preference so individual teachers can use whichever they want, even when multiple users are working on the same diary ratings. When the teacher uses either tool, the preference remains in effect when using the other sort tools.
  2. There is a new, Edit all, setting where each Diary can be set to enable/disable editing of old entries. When enabled, a student can edit any previous entry. When disabled, the student can edit only the current day's entry.

Just moments after creating the v2.1.0 version, I realized that on the report page, the diary name and the sort order label were missing. So, created a new 2.1.1 version release with needed fix.