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MooTyper 3.6.0 now in use

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MooTyper 3.6.0 now in use
by AL Rachels - Thursday, March 28, 2019, 8:53 PM

The new MooTyper 3.6.0 that was released today, is now installed and in use on this site.

There are a LOT of changes in this version, both visual changes, and not so apparent code changes.

Partial list of new features:

  • Made a lot of changes to Exercise editing and creation to make navigation more "convenient"
  • Version 5 keyboard layouts that highlight only one shift key
  • Added background frames and color to all pages
  • Exam grades are now marked and color coded for pass/fail - Marks are not retroactive to already completed exams
  • Simplified and combined some of the code so Exam mode is not treated separately
  • Removed a couple of files due to the last entry
  • Changed Remove to Deleted to comply with Moodle coding guidelines
  •  Added Mode, Lesson name and Required Goal headings to some pages and to the download file
  • Added some new log events for deleting grades
  • Delete a grade now has a confirmation pop up
  • Deletes are now logged