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Upgrade to Diary v1.8.0

Upgrade to Diary v1.8.0

by AL Rachels -
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Have been working on clearing up issue listed on git hub as well as some of the ones listed in my own ticket system on my development server. Here is a synopsis of the changes.

=== 1.8.0 ===
* Added missing space in front of Toolbar label on report.php page.
* Moved view.php sort order and rating type heading labels up five lines in the code
    so that they are also visible when the Diary activity is closed.
* Added, Editing period has ended, message just under the heading, that is shown
    only when the activity is closed.

=== 1.7.0 ===
* Fixed toolbar in render.php. Changed from html_writer::alist to $output.
* Fixed toolbar in report.php. Changed from html_writer::alist to $output.

=== 1.6.3 ===
* Fixed incorrect greeting in emails sent to users notifying them of feedback.
* Fixed dates so they translate to language in use.

=== 1.6.2 ===
* Fixed Embedded images missing when editing an entry. (#3)
* Fixed hardcoded strings.

=== 1.6.1 ===
* Added Availability help icons to the mod_form.php.
* Set mod_form.php to hide the Days available setting unless using course weekly topic format.
* Fixed error when student trying to edit post. (#4)

=== 1.6.0 ===
* Added help icons for all three date available items.