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Upgrade to Generico, MooTyper and HotQuestion

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Upgrade to Generico, MooTyper and HotQuestion
by AL Rachels - Sunday, March 17, 2019, 7:56 PM

Just upgraded the plugins Generico filter, MooTyper activity, and HotQuestion activity.

The new MooTyper version is 3.6.0+ BETA. It has a LOT of new stuff in this release. It implements a background frame with color for all the other pages in the activity with the color currently based on the keyboard background color setting.

There are changes to the look of each of the two grade tables with a new heading that shows the Mode, Lesson name, and Required goal. This new table heading is also included as the first line when you export grades to a CSV file and the lesson category is included as part of the filename. Exam results are now color coded just like the normal grade view. As part of this change, the gadd.php file was eliminated and gview.php simplified.

Adding lesson/categories, adding exercises,and deleting exercises have become much more convenient to work with. You no longer wind up looking at the lowest alphabetically named lesson after adding, editing, or removing anything. Instead you go to the lesson/category you are working with. The only function that is still the same, is when you totally remove a lesson category and all it's related exercises.

There are a number of new keyboard layouts added, and a few, new version 5 layouts. These are English(USV5), Spanish(V5), and Belgian(DutchV5). The look is still the same, but new logic in the javascript file for each, now highlights ONE shift key, instead of both. If an uppercase letter or symbol is to be typed on the left side of the keyboard, the the RIGHT shift key is highlighted. If the uppercase letter or symbol is on the right side of the keyboard, the only the LEFT shift key is highlighted.

There are a bunch of other, under-the-hood changes, too. Implentation of some code styles necessitated the rename of some language strings and required renaming some event. At least one new event was added and when removing something, such as a grade, there is now a confirmation pop up before completing the delete.