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Hot Question upgrades

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Hot Question upgrades
por AL Rachels - Sábado, 9 de Fevereiro de 2019 às 16:54

The version of Hot Question on this Moodle, has some new capabilities that have not been included in a release just yet.

Hot Question is now compatible with PostgreSQL database. The teacher priority has been added to the download CSV file. The renderer.php file has been modified to use pix_url or image_url as needed depending on Moodle version. Added width and height styles to the thumbs up/down for tpriority and the thumbs up for heat so they appear normal 16x16 size in Moodle 3.6. Revised 5 Behat tests to make them work in Moodle 3.6. and other Moodle versions. Added code for "Confirm you want to delete this entry" in renderer.php, when deleting an individual entry.