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Hot Question and MooTyper Upgrades

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Hot Question and MooTyper Upgrades
por AL Rachels - segunda, 3 Dez 2018, 21:10

Just upgraded Hot Question to latest version, 3.5.2. There were a few, Under-the-hood, updates in this new version. Most notable, the question download SQL is now also compatible with PostrgreSQL, and the field order of the down load was changed to make reading the question downloads in a spreadsheet, a little easier, by placing the Content, last. Also, teacher priority and heat fields, were added to the download.

Also just upgraded MooTyper to latest 3.5.3 version. Most notable change to it, is there are thirteen new keyboard layouts.

  New Layouts
 Czech Danish
 German Greek
 Italian Norwegian
 Swedish  Turkish  Ukrainian
I will create new courses for them as soon as I can. Most can already be tried out in the Keyboard and Lesson Development course.