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Preliminary version of MooTyper 3.8.3 installed

by AL Rachels -

Just installed a preliminary version of what will be the next MooTyper  release as version 3.8.3. The most notable item it has is a, Mistake details, listing right under the status bar, and just above the text-to-type. It gives a detailed listing of each mistyped a character with a count of how many times you mistyped it.

When a user goes to View my grades, they will see their mistake count and mistake details, listed in the Mistakes column, for each completed exercise.

When a teacher, admin, or manager, goes to View all grades, they will see student mistake counts and mistake details, listed in the Mistakes, column for each completed exercise, for each student with any completed exercise.

New MooTyper 3.8.2 now installed!

by AL Rachels -

Had a request a few weeks ago for timed testing capability in MooTyper and it is now available in this new MooTyper 3.8.2 version. It is a little bit more though, as the time limit works in all three typing modes.

There is also a new required WPM setting that works the same as the required precision setting.

There a number of new cosmetic changes where more information is listed in some of the labels on various pages. There is also a new Cancel button when an admin/teacher/manager clicks on Settings.

You can try out the new capabilities in the course at

Course rebuilds

by AL Rachels -

As of just now, each of the MooTyper activities has been "fixed" so that at least, it shows an exercise and the correct keyboard layout. Had not realized how many lessons I had made on the site, without making a download backup. So, I will still need to go in and redo may lessons and exercises so that what you see to type, matches the name of the activity.

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