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MooTyper 3.8.4 fixed broken Suspicion check

by AL Rachels -

The Suspicion check was broken by changing from locallib.php to classes/local/results.php. Fixed in the MooTyper on this site. After some more testing, the fix will be in the next MooTyper release.

Upgrade to MooTyper 3.9.4

by AL Rachels -

Just added the MooTyper v3.9.4 to this site. It also includes a new layout/fix for the PortugueseWKeypad(PortugalV6) layout.

New GermanWKeypad(V6) keyboard layout

by AL Rachels -

I have just created the two files needed for a German keyboard layout that includes the number keypad over on the right side. You can see the new layout in use in the German course. The files will be included in the next release.

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