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Hot Question and MooTyper Upgrades
โดย AL Rachels - จันทร์, 3 ธันวาคม 2018, 9:10PM

Just upgraded Hot Question to latest version, 3.5.2. There were a few, Under-the-hood, updates in this new version. Most notable, the question download SQL is now also compatible with PostrgreSQL, and the field order of the down load was changed to make reading the question downloads in a ...

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MooTyper Practice mode now available
โดย AL Rachels - เสาร์, 17 พฤศจิกายน 2018, 7:31PM

As of MooTyper version 3.5.1, Practice mode is available when a teacher first sets up a MooTyper. Examples are in the MooTyper English course, in the three sections that have the word, Practice, as part of the section name.

รูปภาพของAL Rachels
Keyboard Layout Changes
โดย AL Rachels - อังคาร, 10 กรกฎาคม 2018, 9:17PM

I have been doing a lot of "fine tuning" on all the MooTyper keyboard layouts, such as setting the font size to be the same and the alignment on the keytops to all be left and top aligned. All the changes are in the keyboard layouts used in the MooTyper on this Moodle site.

There are a bunch of new, as yet unreleased layouts, that are shown and used here. If you need one of them right away let me know. Otherwise, they will be released with a new MooTyper version, probably in August.