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Upgrade to Diary v1.5.0

av AL Rachels -

Just upgraded to Diary v1.5.0 .

Diary v1.5.0 has some nice new features, such as being able to use the number of days available drop down selector when a course is using the weekly format, to limit the days the diary is open and available for making entries. For any other course format, if you want to limit the number of days a diary is open, you can use the Time open and Time close settings.

If a diary is closed and a user accesses the activity, it will automatically show all of a users entries.

While a diary activity is open, it now will show the total number of entries a user has made, right after the entries perpage selector.

Diary v1.0.1

av AL Rachels -

Installed Diary v1.0.0 yesterday. Spent today cleaning up reported code check errors and warnings. Published new Diary v1.0.1 and upgraded to it here.

Diary 0.10.0 BETA

av AL Rachels -

Just upgraded to the latest BETA version of the new Diary plugin I've been working on. Got the rating's to start working 3 days ago, and today I added Rating info to the view.php page so that students can see their overall rating for a diary, without having to go into the grade book.

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