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Hot Question Enhancement

av AL Rachels -

Your attention is invited to go check out the Hot Question Demo course to see the latest enhancement I have started adding to the Hot Question plugin.

For a long time, I have wished that the textarea where users type their question/posts, could use the Atto or TinyMCE editor. Yesterday, I added the minimal amount of code that lets me start trying out the editor. No picture, file upload, or recording capability just yet, but most everything else is working just fine.

Hot Question upgrade to v3.9.2

av AL Rachels -

Just upgraded the version of Hot Question from v3.9.1 to the latest v3.9.2. This new version adds an, X of N, round indicator between the round navigation icons. This new capability lets you know at a glance, how many rounds (N) you have in the Hot Question activity, and when you start looking at the previous rounds (X), will tell you which round you are currently looking at.

Just installed Diary v3.1.1

av AL Rachels -

While testing Diary 3.1.0 on Moodle 3.3, I discovered that, hidefIf, is not supported below Moodle 3.4. So I added a check for the Moodle version and then to use, disabledIf, if needed in edit_form.php. Therefore, I bumped the Diary version to 3.1.1 and installed it here.

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