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Upgrade to Generico, MooTyper and HotQuestion
od AL Rachels - nedelja, 17. marec 2019, 19:56

Just upgraded the plugins Generico filter, MooTyper activity, and HotQuestion activity.

The new MooTyper version is 3.6.0+ BETA. It has a LOT of new stuff in this release. It implements a background frame with color for all the other pages in the activity with the color currently based on the ...

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Slika od AL Rachels
MooTyper - New Telugu Keyboard layout
od AL Rachels - sreda, 13. februar 2019, 20:16

There is a new version of a keyboard layout for, Telugu. It is located in the Development > Keyboard and Lesson Development course, in Topic 1. Please let me know what you think, if you try it out.

I know that the parenthesis keys, (-shift 9, and )-shift 0, are not implemented yet. Will not seem to type in MooTyper for this layout, just yet, for some strange reason. However, so far as I know, everything else seems to work.

Slika od AL Rachels
Hot Question upgrades
od AL Rachels - sobota, 9. februar 2019, 16:54

The version of Hot Question on this Moodle, has some new capabilities that have not been included in a release just yet.

Hot Question is now compatible with PostgreSQL database. The teacher priority has been added to the download CSV file. The renderer.php file has been modified to use pix_url or ...

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