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Avatar AL Rachels
MooTyper V3.7.0 Installed
par AL Rachels, jeudi 24 octobre 2019, 16:59

The version of MooTyper on this site was just upgraded to 3.7.0. If anyone sees/finds anything wrong, please let me know about it, either in the forum at or on the github site.

I am busy working on a new version for Moodle 3.8 and it looks like I will probably not make it in time for an early bird release as there are just too many things that need to be changed and updated.

Avatar AL Rachels
Installed new Diary plugin
par AL Rachels, mardi 25 juin 2019, 19:23

It is still in development, but I just installed the 0.9.2 Beta version of Diary. It is a greatly modified version of the Journal plugin. The biggest difference is that participants get a new blank page for any new calendar day when they click the button to start an entry. Cannot go back and add ...

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Avatar AL Rachels
MooTyper 3.6.1 released and installed here
par AL Rachels, lundi 20 mai 2019, 17:34

The new MooTyper was released yesterday, and is now installed and in use on this site.

As usual, there are a lot of changes in this version, some of which are readily visible, and many "under the hood" where they enhance the program, but just are not visible to the normal user.

Some of the changes ...

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