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MooTyper 3.9.2 BETA update

by AL Rachels -

Just updated the code for mode so that if there is no mode, that is what gets reported. The original code was always listing the first data item when there was no mode.

The date completed data actually includes the time to the nearest second, but doesn't show it, as the table is already pretty crowded. So, when calculating the mode for time completed, the seconds are disregarded and the mode is based off time completed to the nearest minute. Since the grades generated here are usually all typed just by me, most of the time the time completed results here on this site will show as, no mode, especially if the exercise last for more than a few seconds.

MooTyper 3.9.2 BETA

by AL Rachels -

Just installed the latest beta code for MooTyper 3.9.2.

It has a lot of new stuff in it with the most visible being that, Average, below the View all grades and View my grades tables, has been replaced by Mean, Median, Mode, and Range. There is a thin table row to make a visible offset, plus each new statistic has a background color based on the MooTyper textbgc setting.

This version also has some development code for getting MooTyper grades to appear in the Moodle gradebook. Currently, adding or updating a MooTyper just gets the MooTyper activity to appear in the gradebook, but does not yet actually enter grades there. I hope to make progress with that over the next few days, but my work is subject to interruption due to needing to help my wife out due to her health problems. Speaking of which, I have to stop now to fix lunch for her. More later.

MooTyper 3.9.1 Installed

by AL Rachels -

Just added the latest stable code for MooTyper 3.9.1. It adds a number of security features with log events.

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