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ved AL Rachels -

Just upgraded to the latest version of Moodle 3.10.6 (Build: 20210729). Also upgraded to the latest Mootyper v4.0.1. Also trying out the latest Skype v3.8.0. Still lots of checking to do on this as I dropped back to v2.7 to get a working oops.html, then worked forward. The oops has become oops.php in the main skype folder with bg.png file moved to the pix folder. The old folder, skype_not_found, has bee eliminated.

Diary v3.4.1 upgrade

ved AL Rachels -

Just added the latest Diary v3.4.1 to this site. This version will prevent users from trying to change the hidden, time created, when editing an entry with edit dates not enabled.  It will automatically enter details of the attempt into the Feedback area with the admin account listed as the teacher. It also enters the attempt into the Moodle log.

This should be a fix for both Issue #9 and Issue #14, but I do have one or two more things to "check/test" before I make an official release.

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