Site announcements

Course rebuilds

by AL Rachels -

As of just now, each of the MooTyper activities has been "fixed" so that at least, it shows an exercise and the correct keyboard layout. Had not realized how many lessons I had made on the site, without making a download backup. So, I will still need to go in and redo may lessons and exercises so that what you see to type, matches the name of the activity.

Site outage

by AL Rachels -

This site has been out for a few days, and just today, December 12, 2019, I had the chance to start "rebuilding" it. It went down due to me being forced to upgrade the PHP, but without a way to also upgrade the database. It was presented as "upgrade" or you will have to start paying extra to keep using the old PHP version.

Because of the way the site "broke" and due to the way I had to "restore" the database, most of the various different language example courses of MooTyper are broken. I will rebuild them as quickly as possible.